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Hi everyone, my name is Gabrielle Lloyd and this is my blog where I’ll share with you my thoughts on the weekly topics for my BCM subjects. Here’s a photo of me and my cat Zed

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Global Social Media

This week in BCM111, the topic of global social media was discussed as well as the affordances, niches, and shared affinities that social media platforms can contain and are utilised by social media users. Of all the social media platforms I frequent, the one I use the most to present my sense of self isContinue reading “Global Social Media”

Global News

This week in BCM111, we discussed and examined the existence of global news reporting and the dimension of social media in citizen journalism.  News reporting and coverage have played a vital part in the evolution of humanity and the history of our species. Initially, the oral reporting of information was traditionally delivered through public speeches,Continue reading “Global News”

Key Theorists and Ideas

Hi BCM111, This week we learnt about globalisation and key ideas and the impact they have had on media, more specifically popular culture.  Popular culture is defined by John Storey in “What is Popular Culture?” as a “culture that is widely favoured or well liked by many people” and can include music, TV, cinema, and books.Continue reading “Key Theorists and Ideas”

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